We are a new cat toy company aimed at providing high quality and enjoyable soft goods for your favorite fuzzy felines. The Vegan Cat is a part of the Princess Dreams company, and is our effort to expand what we have to offer.

The Vegan Cat started when my daughter, MP, rescued a stray kitten early last winter, and eagerly adopted him. Three months old (she estimated) and with no mother in sight, the kitten made his place in my daughter's home and heart. MP brought the kitten, Loki, home for winter break, unwilling to be away from him for over a month. He made quick work of establishing himself as the baby of the family, even with three other cats to contend with and a number of store bought cat toys to fight over.  So we went looking for special gifts for him.

We tried to entice Loki with our other cat's toys, but many of them were too big or too torn up for him to play with. Except for a beat up yellow banana.  Then the kitten started eating oatmeal, corn, left over salad and was chasing peas on the kitchen floor... a joke we said:  how funny would it be if he ended up being a vegan cat?  So there was the initial idea.

We started making cat toys in fun fruit and veggie shapes.  All hand-made and with organic catnip inside.  Now we are making cat beds in super fun themes that can be part of any decor.  More ideas and fun products are coming.  Thank you for visiting!

Ana Maria Wier


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